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 Everything about Cyclope : 

The remote control Cyclope is a unique device on the market, allowing beginners and inexperienced to fly every types of drones and radio controlled vehicles  with a PPM  signal (Pulse Position Modulation). Thank’s to this innovation piloting becomes easy and fun . 

This remote control only requires one hand to pilot, as the result the user has his second hand free and can do another activity. The remote control has many functions enabling to choose a device among a list of radio controlled vehicles. On top of that it has many features allowing the drone to make loopings for instance . The radio link’s system works with a frequency of 2.4 Ghz. The direction of the drone is defined by the orientation of the remote control resulting of an easy movement of the wrist and by the use of a Joystick to adjust the speed of the vehicle. 

  • Compliance  : Compliancy of the remote control with local regulations .  
  • Instructions : Thanks to the apps «  cyclope tx » the user can choose it’s device to pilot among a range of compatible vehicles. With a software you can customize the keys of the remote control to add some features ( such as loopings , landings from an aircraft).

Attention : do not use more than 15 devices in the same area to avoid interferences during transmissions . 

Bellow find an introducing video of the remote control cyclope at 160 degrees :